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Sources with knowledge of Wednesday's court hearing tell TMZ, Lynne wanted Jamie out as conservator, but the judge rejected her claims.

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Lynne felt Jamie had done a poor job The judge decided Jamie should continue on as conservator of Britney's estate, meaning all of her business affairs. As we reported, Jamie has temporarily bowed out of handing the other part of the conservatorship -- taking care of Britney, her medical needs and so on. The case manager Jamie hired -- Jodi Montgomery -- has been appointed conservator until January, and that's when Jamie will retake the reins.

He is still taking care of all of her business affairs. Jamie has said he's temporarily stepping down because of medical issues, but we know another reason is that there's currently a restraining order that prohibits him from having any contact with Britney's kids -- this after he allegedly put his hands on year-old Sean. There are a few complications. We're told Britney hasn't spoken to Jamie since last month when the incident went down between him and Sean. Several sources say they actually weren't speaking even before that.

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And, there's this. Several sources say Britney is not doing well.


As one source put it, "She goes through cycles, and hopefully we're at the bottom now. One more thing about Jamie Antonio Brown says he's quitting the NFL because the league is corrupt and has screwed him out of millions of dollars. Brown just tweeted up a storm, saying, among other things, "Will not be playing in the NFL anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime we will see if the NFLPA hold them accountable sad they can just void guarantees anytime going on 40m 2 months will see if they pay up!

What he's saying But, here's the catch. But, Brown went further and took aim at Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft , firing this shot He's also pissed because the NFL is investigating , and while that probe continues, he's poison to every team in the league.

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Eisenberg, who became famous in the spin-off, had been battling health issues He was born with one kidney, which failed and he went on dialysis at age He underwent his first transplant when he was 17 and another when he was His kidney issues stunted his growth -- he was 5' tall. His widow, Malissa Longo , posted, "We didn't officially announce that we had eloped on December 28th, We were hoping to have a big shindig in celebration of our nuptials, but had to wait to save up the money.

She went on The beauty that he was and the legacy he leaves behind is beyond words.


I love him dearly and will miss him eternally. At the moment I'm not sure how to do life without him. Sources with the President's campaign tell TMZ We're told they're by far the most popular item right now on Trump's online shop. As you can see They're also touted as superior to "liberal paper straws. While straws are the current hot purchase among Trump supporters, the red MAGA hat is still going strong on the shop at Trump's team was pushing both products Friday Must be following all President Trump and Team Trump social media accounts to be eligible!

As for winning California in , he shouldn't hold his breath. Think wrestling is a bunch of phony hogwash?? The story lines may be scripted What's crazy about all this Tommy Chong says banning flavored vapes is a fool's errand, and the proper response to the recent spate of deaths has been right in front of us the whole time We got Tommy at the Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles and asked about the federal government's potential crackdown on vaping -- and the avowed pothead said a ban won't do anything to curb use.

Tommy says bans just make things worse, equating the vape ban to the war on drugs. He says once drugs and vapes are forced to the black market, they actually become easier to buy. He questions why politicians are rushing to ban vapes -- after less than 10 deaths -- while refusing to address gun violence. Tommy offers some simpler solutions and tells us why smoking weed is much better for your health than using e-cigarettes.

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Hint: It's all about your intake. Tekashi69 is singing like a bird and lots of powerful people are pissed, and Aaron Carter and his family are unraveling before our eyes. So, we gotta ask Hidden within this brow-raising photo is a child star that has acted alongside celebrities such as Adam Sandler , Jennifer Aniston , David Schwimmer and countless other big names. This young actor landed the role of Ross' son, Ben, on the classic sitcom " Friends.

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Currently, this famous face can be seen on CW's hit drama series that is based on the Archie Comics. Get a good look at this photo to see if you can crack the code and figure out who this mystery man could be! Here is a year-old version of the " Cheers " actor rockin' some dark and dreamy hair, during a photo shoot, on the set of the hit show back in left. And, 37 years later Danson has been nominated for lead actor in a comedy series at the 71st Emmy Awards for his role as Michael on the show.

Antonio Brown is back home after a turbulent past few weeks and an effective firing from the New England Patriots -- and he doesn't look too happy about it. The embattled wide receiver was seen exiting his private jet Saturday as he touched down in Miami -- where he owns a home. As he walked the runway, AB had an incredibly pained look on his face BTW, he was wearing Supreme gear here up top -- not Nike, which just dropped him this past week amid the mounting allegations.

He also carried a Louis Vuitton briefcase.

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While he looked pretty down in the dumps when he got back to Miami, AB was trying to put on a brave paid face before leaving the airport in New England As we reported Antonio was released by the Patriots Friday after a whirlwind of bad news for him, including a lawsuit alleging rape and sexual assault Despite one good outing , it looks like the Pats had seen enough AB's an unrestricted free agent now, and the NFL is still investigating the claims against him, not having come to a conclusion yet.

As for Antonio Don't tell him that though. Kanye West wants his presence in Wyoming to be known far and wide -- it looks like he's hosting a mega Sunday Service this week, inviting all the townsfolk and their mom. Per local reports, the sign now reads "West Lake. Now, it looks like Kanye wants to properly introduce the Wests to the community, 'cause his Sunday Service is being heavily advertised on a massive digital billboard, as well as on social media.

According to the venue's Facebook post about it, he's bringing out his "person choral group" for the performance -- so yeah, Kanye and co.

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Preparations are currently underway for the free and public event, and it looks like they're expecting quite a turnout. Photos obtained by TMZ show a bunch of tents being set up Saturday ahead of Ye's Sunday Service, with catering and special event trucks in tow. The Powwow Garden has a capacity of about people -- seated or standing according to the Center's website -- but it's unclear how many people will actually show up.

FYI, there are less than 10, people total living in Cody itself. It's an interesting move on Kanye's part, as many of his Sunday Services of late have been relatively low-key -- not including the Chicago stop , of course. One soon comes to realise that, in the new world of computer-based music playback, nothing is quite what it seems.

ufn-web.com/wp-includes/5/geolocalisation-portable-samsung-s5.php What's more, the terminology used to describe the products designed to make it possible seems almost wilfully imprecise. Yet the very clash of creativity that produced such hits as 'I'm Not In Love' would split the group in two Since its release in , 10cc's How Dare You! But one neologism that hopefully will never catch on — yet it evokes the essence of both the group and this album in particular — is 'sophisti-pop'.

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Seen here is the 'Bi-Wire' version of King Cobra, ostensibly comprising a pair of the same conductor cores used in the Stereo iteration but with the two signal and two return paths combined at the source amplifier end. So this version of TCI's flagship cable supports bi-wiring but not bi-amping.

My pessimism was unfounded. Valves have never been stronger, and London maintained the Deccas. Search form Search. Phono Preamplifiers. Boulder Phono Stage. Audiophile Vinyl.