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Looking at our digestive system from the microscopic state, you will find many different places that you know differently, such as a pointed tongue, and the intestines full of the villis and so on. These tiny parts are beautiful that the public does not know. Moreover, the combination of the VR technology and the popular science industry can produce rich derivatives, VR videos and VR games and so on. The development of the technology is enriching the types of art and making it more convenient to excavate the excellent cultures in every industry.

Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation is usually caused by excessive production of the end of the fine bronchial structure without alveolar differentiation and marked dilatation of diseased lung, it is a benign lesion and most effective treatment is surgical resection of the diseased lung tissue, and usually the prognosis is good. Here we report a rare case of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation in a Chinese boy.

His parents reported that he had a medical history of nonproductive cough since his birth, but there was no cyanosis or convulsion, and he had recurrent respiratory infections. He had been treated in many hospitals. Results: At the admission, his body temperature was The lung auscultation revealed fine rales and wheezing in both lung bases, but other physical examination results were unremarkable.

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A diagnosis of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation was made. After a resection of the inferior lobe of right lung under the Thoracoscope, the boy recovered well and was discharged. Conclusions: The current case shows the value of surgical resection for the diagnosis and treatment of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation. A total of microbial flora transplantation patients were included in control and intervention groups from June to February Results: At base line, the score of SAS and the score of SDS were similar among patients with microbial flora transplantation in the intervention and control group.

Thus, this program is worthy to spread and practice in the clinic for the future. Objectives: As an important nanomaterials, gold nanoclusters AuNCs are have been applied in many fields, such as food service and the biology. The presence of AuNCs will be inevitably released into the environment with unknown consequences.

Although a few studies have suggested the potential toxicity of AuNCs to terrestrial plants, the lack of standard phytotoxicity evaluation induced by nanomaterials also gave inconsistent results. Therefore, it is an great demand to establish a reliable technical method for phytotoxicity of AuNCs.

Methods: We synthesized a kind of gold nanocluster consisting of only tens of atoms to break through the size limitation of plant absorption. Subsequently, Vicia faba seeds were transferred into AuNCs solution with different concentrations to fully interact with each other. Seeds germination percentage, phenotypic morphology of seedlings, and analysis of plant tissue elements, plant physiological status were investigated.

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By further study we found that the phytotoxic effects of AuNCs were concentration dependent. Consistent with this, the Vicia faba seeds growth was significantly inhibited exposure to AuNCs solution.

The contents of ascorbate peroxidase and malonaldehyde increased gradually with the increasing of the time and the concentration of AuNCs solution. Objectives: This project combines the clinical medicine with the VR animation technology, to develop a gastroscope simulation operating system with the integration of the reality and the virtual reality. The operation process of the gastroscopy and the minimally invasive surgery is restored by the VR technique, and the immersion gastroscopy simulated operation experience is achieved with the assistance of the VR equipment.

By using the VR equipment, the experiencers can simulate the operation of the immersion gastroscope simulation system, so that the medical workers, the medical students and the general public can better understand the medical knowledge and achieve the purpose of popularizing the medical knowledge, which is conducive to the medical education and improving the medical literacy of all the people.

Results: The simulated gastroscope operating system created by the virtual reality technology generates a virtual scene by using the computer and other equipment. It allows the users to produce the visual perception, the auditory perception, the tactile perception and the motion perception and so on, thus immersing in the environment of the gastroscopy.

Users have an interactive experience with the maneuverability of the objects in the simulated environment and the feedback from the virtual environment. Conclusions: The gastroscopy simulation operating system is a new technology produced in the collision of the VR animation technology and the medicine, and the combination of the two will not be limited to this. With the gastroscope simulation operating system as the starting point, the combination of the VR technology and the clinical medicine will continue to expand in the brain, heart, lung, intestine, nerve and other fields.

Therefore, in response to the call for people's livelihood, UnionPay has innovated a convenient payment platform to meet the demands of the masses. Methods: Design and analysis on the hospital payment service platform based on the UnionPay business finance technology. Results: Considering the overall characteristics of the current information age, the medical payment platform based on the commercial and financial technology of UnionPay is gradually improving.

This payment method not only replaces the traditional financial payment method, but also realizes the deep integration between the financial management and the technology of the times. At the same time, the reasonable use of the payment service platform will also optimize various resources of the hospitals themselves. Conclusions: In today's information age, the Internet finance has become an important part of the public consumption.

The hospital payment service mechanism based on the commercial and financial technology of UnionPay will adapt to the demand of the modern hospital transformation on the basis of adapting to the public consumption habits. Of course, in building a hospital payment service platform, in addition to selecting the appropriate design elements to meet the necessary system functions, we should also ensure its security, so that the advantages of this payment technology can be better played and presented.

Methods: Used the theory, when the Huhenuo race enters the stationary period, Huhenuo race stops grow. If the relationship between Different Period of Huhenuo race, Hailar Basin, Northeast China is shown, the Huhenuo race has not completely offset the caprock from the microscopic angle, the Huhenuo race is vertical sealed.

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From the above, the active period of Huhenuo race is coincided with the massive expulsion period of hydrocarbon source rocks. The Huhenuo race has undergone both active and stationary period in the expulsion of hydrocarbon. Therefore, Huhenuo race is an important fault in Huhehuoren structure and plays an important role in control the accumulation of Northeast China.

At 8, 12 and 14, the active period is unsealed, but the stationary period is vertically sealed. Conclusions: The vertical seal property of Different Period 5 in active and stationary period plays an important role in the control of Huhenuo race. Shi for their help and encouragement to do this research. Background: According to the requirements of environmental protection, at the same time meet the requirements of human absorption, we prepared a new patented environmentally friendly base oil, namely, NF oil, use for Micro medical robot lubricant fluid.

The stock oil forms gas, oil, and coke during the catalytic cracking, and some coke is deposited onto the surface of the catalyst. As the carbon deposition increases, the activity of the catalyst decreases, eventually leading to a decrease in the desulfurization rate. At this point, regeneration of the catalyst is carried out, meaning that the original reaction is stopped, and the steam mixture is used to burn the carbon deposit, thereby restoring the activity of the catalyst.

After fractionation, hydrogenation, desulfurization and aromatization, cooling, and other processes, the aromatic content of the final oil was less than 0. This means that the quality of this oil was consistent with the accepted standards.

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Results: NF oil is obtained from stock oil by fractionation, hydrogenation, desulfurization, dearomatization, cooling, and other processes. Conclusions: We evaluated NF oil systematically in the laboratory, with the results indicating that the properties of the studied NF oil being clearly superior to those of other medical base oils. It is the preferred base oil for preparing environmentally friendly Micro medical robot lubricant fluid systems because of its high permeability, strong rejection capability and sealing characteristics, minor dynamic filtration, and insignificant pollution.

This work is supported by the laboratory of Oil and gas layer protection of the Northeast Petroleum University.

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The Corresponding Author is Dianjie Sui. In this paper, a fault diagnosis technique for bearing of an vascular motor is introduced based on the deep learning of evolutionary neural network. Methods: 1 Optimizer and learning rate selection. Choosing the right optimizer and the optimal learning rate in the CNN network construction process have a great impact on the speed and accuracy of the model training. In the process of learning the internal features implied by the original signal samples, CNN network is an important guarantee to improve the classification accuracy rate by constructing a reasonable network level and selecting the appropriate number of neuron.

In the process of deep learning training, in order to achieve the best network training and classification effects, the constructed model requires a large amount of sample data for training. Results: The SDA algorithm, which is another classification algorithm in deep learning, has an accuracy rate of up to Conclusions: The algorithm has good robustness and good generalization ability, and can maintain a high fault diagnosis rate for different load types.

Therefore, it is necessary to further study the ability of the network to be used for adaptive parameter selection in fault diagnosis, and further improve the computational efficiency. The individual fixations were made based on the cast, and biting plates were put on the fixations. The patients with the individual fixations and biting plates were examined by CBCT before surgery.

With guidance of the system, dental implants were inserted into the bone. Patients were examined by CBCT after surgery. Three or six months later, final crowns were connected to the implant by the abutments. The patients were satisfied with final clinical result of the treatment. Yanjun Peng 1,2 , Yingran Ma 1. Objectives: In recent years, analysis of medical images exploiting deep learning model, especially convolutional neural network CNN , has caught attention of many researchers.

In practice, a disadvantage of training a CNN from scratch is that a large amount of labeled data is indispensable, which is adverse for biomedical image processing. To address this gap, one of the major techniques that successfully employ CNNs to medical image analysis is transfer learning technique. We use six multisource databases: one natural image dataset, four texture databases and one medical image dataset.

Results: The effectiveness of our method is verified on lymph node LN dataset: mediastinal LNs labeled by radiologists in 90 patient CT scans, and abdominal LNs in 86 patient CT scans for false positive reduction task. Conclusions: In this paper, we propose a novel multisource transfer learning based method for CT lymph node false positive reduction task.

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Multisource transfer learning via convolutional neural network presents its considerable feasibility and potential. Focusing on the daily application of household users, according to the daily needs of this subject to achieve five tests: blood pressure, pulse, temperature, breathing, walking rate.

Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition.

The software part is programmed in C language, and the compiler environment is IAR 3. Results: It mainly realizes the measurement and calculation of five basic signs of human body, and displays the information on palm type LCD. The collected data is stored in data memory. When the tester and computer are connected through USB interface, the stored data can be read from palm type PC. Recognizing objects from photographs and classifying them into predefined classes is a challenging topic in machine learning. Recently, techniques based on convolutional neural network CNN accelerate the progress of the recognition techniques [1].