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If you have your own ship forwarder, we will use your ship forwarder to delivery goods. More than people died, many more were injured; and buildings, docks, train tracks, trains, boats, and cars were smashed. The New London area was especially hard hit by wind, floods, and fires. But over the years Ocean Beach had become too popular. Somehow, as New Londoners looked over the ruins around them, they began to see possi-.

The New London newspaper, The Day, covered this at the time; and in June , Day staffer, John Ruddy dug into the archives and brought readers a two-part summary of how the park that people enjoy today came about. The summary tells how, after city voters overwhelmingly approved the idea, things got going and kept going. There were assorted problems of course, including working out compensation for owners of properties that still stood after the storm but had to be cleared for the new plan. At one point there was a postcard protest from some disgruntled New Londoners.

However, signatures on many cards turned out to be from citizens who were underground Favoring the architectural style called Art Moderne an offshoot of Art Deco , they decided on park buildings with such features as rounded corners, horizontal lines, glass blocks, and nautical touches like portholes and ship railings. Construction began in December, There were setbacks along the way and some fast and furious work in the final weeks.

But on June 30, the new Ocean Beach Park opened, with a foot clock tower as its focal point. People came.


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The tower is gone now, but efforts are underway to replace it. People are still coming. Local people especially, come year round. People savor the scenery, stroll the boardwalk, beach, and nature trail, and take small kids to the playground. The park requires a large seasonal staff, and many locals recall their summer jobs there. New London Beautification Committee members plant. But in , the tower came crashing down as a team tried to lower it to work on it. He still treasures a clock hand he salvaged from the disaster. He and Jeff Suntup, a New London businessman are working to rally supporters, raise funds, and put up a fine new tower.

For detailed info on Ocean Beach Park, including admission, attractions, facilities, and event schedules, see Ocean-beach-park. I went for the funk, but instead followed my ear to the jazz stage where I was shocked to find out that I actually liked what I was hearing! Developed from the origins of ragtime and blues, it is a wonderfully rich musical genre punctuated by syncopated rhythms, taking so many different forms.

Fast forward to when I had the good fortune to be invited by Dr. John and his musical.


The first Newport Jazz Festival was held in , and they are still going, some years selling out even before the gate. Just a smattering of the headliners include Pat Metheny, Andra Day, Jon Batiste, and Grace Kelly - saxophonist, singer, songwriter - who has been creating all kinds of buzz with her appearances over the last couple of years here. Not to be outdone, the Litchfield Jazz Fest is a proud Connecticut tradition that fans flock to in droves. Now in its 23rd year with founder and executive director Vita Muir at the helm, the Goshen Fairgrounds will be alive with.

The 22nd year of camp kicks off on July1st and averages about students that come from all The Roots - photo by Brian Lima over the world. Many of these adolescents have gone on to college, success- The Greater Hartford Jazz Festival holds claim ful careers in jazz, and come back to play the to the largest free jazz event in New England. In particular, Vita told me about Bushnell Park is the setting for three nights Emmet Cohen the now 27 year old pianist and two days of world class jazz in the shadappearing with 89 year old Jimmy Cobb, ow of the state capitol on the performance who, by the way, played drums on Miles pavilion.

In a lineup that has many generational transfer of knowledge between standouts, Spyro Gyra, playing on Friday night, is one of the the oldest and the more recognizable youngest generation names. I would also of Jazz Musicians. Food vendors and Art Market will also be part of the festivities, providing something for everyone.

For all the details on these events, please visit their websites and let them know you found the link in Ink! Perfect for hosting intimate gatherings with delicious food catered exclusively by Cloud Nine Catering. For Del Bach is a true Renaissance man with absolutely no airs whatsoever.

He knows, and is confident of, his many talents and therefore sees no reason to flaunt them Del responded with great interest, and that. He furthered his education with a degree from the Hartt School, the conservatory of the arts and performing arts at the University of Hartford. Bach immediately then headed for New York City and work as an illustrator.

Eventually I got an agent which brought me work from E. But soon they began to collide. He still had his hand in theatre at that time, and that is where he met his. Here is a man who is very much at home in his own skin. He and Kristen owned a gallery for several years in downtown Mystic, but made the decision to close three months ago.

He seems to have little to no regrets. He is enjoying his home with its adjacent studio. As to what inspires him, he laughs and picks up a sheet of paper.

Fortunate Son : The Life of Elvis Presley by Charles L. Ponce de Leon (2007, Paperback)

Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work. Some days I might have to force myself to get going, but I always do it. I believe that people have skills, and you need to respect them for all of them, not just those of an artist. And he wholeheartedly believes in giving back, so each year he donates some of his work to non-profits to aid in their fundraising efforts.

Del Bach, illustrator, actor, singer, gallery owner and now firmly established as a fine artist with his work hanging Visit del-bourreebach. Email: delandkristen sbcglobal. Round and wet and unable to fend for himself. Cannot care for himself. His mother is washing scrubbing rubbing combing every inch of him. And when she finishes one end, working from his long spikey-wet tail, she turns him on the Lazy Susan of her belly and starts all over the opposite way, working from the head down.

He opens his eyes. He has a sleepy look. She props him up on the water and dives, and comes back with a clam she breaks open and divides but does not share with him. He is too young. It drifts, closer. Then, further. Catching in a spiral of water or an invisible puff of wind turning, and turning - and unexpectedly — Recognition: Mother and Son Sea Otter! Then sea clam will be food to him, a taste of the taste he will follow all his life. When he is older and stronger and heavy enough to dive, he will learn to follow her down and down to the sandy bottom, and take a stone and crack the shell and recognize the shapes and smells.

There will be a lot to learn.

Elvis Presley - An American Trilogy - Rehearsal Version - Buffalo, 5 April 1972

He is lucky. She will as mother otters do take the time to teach him. As much as he needs. From the sand bar, fifty willets, twenty-two godwits, one off-course Caspian tern, fourteen white-plumed snowy egrets and a pare of avocets are watching Mother and Son Sea Otter. An over-flight of three brown pelicans, their faces in the russet-red and yellow of breeding season look down on Mother and Son Sea Otter.